Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Assignment #14- Planning for Revisions

For my portfolio I chose to revise is my arguing position essay. The strengths of this essay is that it has a strong clear thesis that's focused on what I'm trying to argue about. It's also a thesis were it can be argued by other people if they disagreed with me. Another strength is that I use a lot of evidence to support my claims and my whole paper is very well organized. Its focused on the point I'm trying to make across.

Two weaknesses are that my evidence might not be efficient and it may be very weak. My statements may not be strong enough. Also my purpose might not be focused on my audience if I tend to go off topic. I might need help making my sentences stronger. Another weakness might be is that my introduction may be weak so it's going to make my paper have a bad start.

In order for me to revise my essay, I am going to make sure that everything can be backed up with strong evidence so the audience can understand why I chose to say that and can see what's behind it. When I write the body of my paper I will make sure that everything is in-order. I will make sure my audience fits my purpose and tone. As for my introduction I will start off using some evidence so it can lead to my thesis smoothly. Overall I have to stay on topic and argue my position well.

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