Sunday, November 20, 2011

Assignment #12- Thinking Critically about Evidence

Thesis: The law should not allow teens to get married to people who are 18 and older because they are considered to be minors,  they have their life in front of them and if it's illegal for an adult to date a minor then why can they marry one.

  • My most compelling argument is my claim that it is against the law for an 18 year old to date a person younger than them. But yet they may get married if the teen's parents agree with it. This is strong evidence because many people had went to jail because of this issue. There is proof of people who are spending time in prison for child molestation just because of the age difference. It is only logical that this problem can be proved with evidence of these cases. Since this is my strongest claim, I am going to make sure I focus my introduction on it and provide enough evidence to support my claim throughout the paper.

  • My weakest evidence is my rebuttal to that claim is that teens may run away from home with their older lover if they can't get married to them. I argue that parents need to make sure teens get their education first so they can go the right path. This is my weakest evidence because although parents may try to get their children to do good the teen might not listen. To strengthen this part of my argument, I will try to convince my audience that there's more to life then just marriage.

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