Friday, November 11, 2011

Assignment #11- Analyzing and Writing Arguments

I analyzed the essay "The $78 Million Bag". In this essay, the writer had a good argument and knew what his purpose was. He made sure his point was made across. However, they had a good argument but didn't back up their claims with enough evidence. They would use numbers and "facts" but didn't cite their sources so it made it harder for the audience to trust them. This taught me that I should always make sure I support my claims with evidence and make sure I cite it because if I don't it doesn't give the reader my trust also it doesn't seem reliable.

Also as I was analyzing "The $78 Million Bag" I noticed that the essay seemed to use a informal tone where they were trying to relate to the audience. However, they should have been formal because it lacks to the audience that they can't presentation their purpose professionally because legalizing marijuana is a serious issue. It was as if the writer was talking to a friend instead of the people of Chicago.This taught me that I should always first debate on if my topic is a serious or non serious problem so I know that I can get my point across that way I want readers to respect me or take me seriously.

Lastly after analyzing this essay, I came to conclusion that the writers used more of their opinion on the issue instead of facts. This is where it went downhill for them because you won't convince an audience what should be done if you don't state facts and support all evidence. It just explains to the audience what you want to be done instead of what should be done. This showed me that I should always make sure I have facts in my paper that have evidence behind it if I want to state an issue that I feel should be fixed.

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