Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Assignment #13- Your My Favorite Paper..

My favorite essay that I had to write for this class was the arguing a position assignment. I enjoyed writing this essay because I got to inform people about an issue that people are still debating and dealing with. Writing is not a problem for me but when I'm assigned to write about something that requires my opinion on a topic it's the best feeling ever. It's as if I can put all my angry and opinion on how I feel about the subject. I got to explain what the law is doing is wrong. Come on a teen can get married to an adult by parent permission but if a teen dates an adult its against the law? Seriously?! Its a joke. 

Although the ad analysis was going to be my first choice because I got to study what was the whole purpose behind the ad was. But then I changed my mind because the arguing a position assignment felt like it was something important for me. It was important because the issue about the the law allowing teens to get married with parent permission should be banned. A teen has their whole life in front of them to discover and marriage isn't always the best choice for them. Live life and enjoy it as your young. So I got to express my opinions on how I feel about it and it made me feel good letting it all out. It was a topic I was passionate about. Also it went great with my writing style because informing people about an issue that's not talked about much helps bring the issue to light.

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