Friday, December 9, 2011

Assignment #15- Final Reflection

It's always hard saying goodbye but my journey has finally come to end for Writing 101-11. As I look back to my first blog post I noticed that I did achieve certain goals that I wanted to accomplish during this semester. I still wouldn't change my goals that I had now as a writer even though I'm familiar with college writing because in order to become a better writer you must start from scratch.
In my first blog post I said that I wanted to learn to communicate with my audience and paper, and I learned how to do that by including the purpose, genre, tone and audience. This helps me organized my whole paper so it can be aimed at my certain target. I also stated that I wanted to learn from others and I did by learning their techniques that helped me.
Some strengths I still have to develop is to try to elaborate my ideas without stumbling over sentences or just by not repeating things over and over again. Another strength I have to develop is making sure my purpose fits everything that is needed for it without adding certain things I don't need. Some weaknesses that I have to develop on is building a strong thesis. This has always been a struggle without a good thesis your paper doesn't have good structure.
Overall I achieved some goals but I still have more to learn.

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