Monday, October 31, 2011

Assignment #10- Thinking About Peer Review

The new peer review process we recently tried was something interesting. I enjoyed it because its always good to get different peoples opinions on your paper instead of one. This process was very effective because when we read our papers out loud we can catch our own mistakes such as spelling errors. Also the people in our group can comment on what they feel should be improved and how they feel about the paper. The way it can be improved is that we should do peer reviews on more than one person's paper in the group, by doing two peer reviews instead of one it helps us get more feedback. 

My specific strengths in peer reviewing is finding misspelled words and pointing out where the writer should elaborate their ideas more. My specific weakness while doing peer review is that I'm too nice when it comes down to commenting on what they are doing wrong. This is bad for me and the writer because I can't help him/her improve their weaknesses. I can't be mean on pointing out mistakes if the writer is my friend especially because come on...thats my buddy haha I don't want to be tough on their paper.

Peer review is always helpful. It's the most effective and best process when it comes down to fixing your papers. It is helpful to do peer review for earlier stages of the writing process. I feel that doing peer review in larger groups are better and more helpful because you get more opinion from other people. Everyone has different point of views. I feel that we don't have enough time to complete our peer review if we do it one day because it makes us rush through the questions and therefore we can't take our time to finish it. But I feel that we should take two days to finish our reviews so we can focus and make sure we can help improve the writer's paper. 

Overall, peer review is very useful regardless if we do it in a small group or large! :)

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