Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Assignment #7- Reflecting Back..

Boy oh boy it's time to reflect back on my writing...shockers it feels like it was just yesterday that I wrote and posted my very 1st blog. It's crazy how time goes by so quickly! But as the days go by we are getting closer to the midterm and class is starting to really kick in on my writing skills. Looking back at my first blog, I'm starting to realize that my writing has improved as I write more and more blogs and attend class. I feel that I am making progress on my goals that I wanted to achieve. So far writing 101 has showed me how to communicate on paper with my audience. There are specific aspects of this class that helped me as a writer. For example, the peer review we do is extremely helpful. It's great having somebody else open your eyes on mistakes that you didn't notice you made while writing your paper. Also having discussions on different writing techniques helps me realize how to improve my papers. Everything we are doing so far in class is useful but what I would like to change about the class in order to better facilitate my learning process is that I feel that we should have more peer reviews on a paper with different people. Like for instance we should do two peer reviews then one from two different people. This is helps because everyone has different opinions on what they feel can help make your paper better. Another thing we should do is work in groups together so we can discuss topics on writing and its always better learning different techniques from other people. It helps improve your writing skills. Any-who Ms. Spencer is doing a great job on teaching us how to get better in writing by making us do the blog posts and assigning the chapters from the book to read because the book contains lots of information about writing that I didn't know about. Now as for my writing, it has changed somewhat since the beginning of the semester. I started to consider what the tone, purpose, audience and genre is before I continue writing my papers because it really helps you break down what you're trying to say in your paper. I feel that my writing has improved since the semester started. The blogs help the most because it explores different prompts. In other words writing 101 is a helpful class to take.

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  1. I think having multiple sets of eyes on your paper is definitely helpful, but we do only have a limited amount of class time. However, certainly feel free on your own to have more than one of your peers read your paper. Even if it isn't someone in the class, it can be helpful to have a trusted set of eyes look over your paper.