Friday, October 7, 2011

Assignment #6 Compare & Contrast

Purpose: The purpose for writing my literacy narrative is to tell a story about my past on how I became a better writer. As for my ad analysis the purpose was to inform people what the ad represents, I had to study every detail the ad people are trying to describe and had to break down what the message was behind it.

Audience: The audience for my literacy narrative was basically anybody there was no specific age group, it was meant to be read by anybody who enjoyed narratives. But for my ad analysis the audience was targeted for anybody that smokes, especially for smoking parents; in a way it could have been targeted for the public to show how serious smoking is.

Tone: My literacy narrative had a humor tone in it. I told my story in a funny way in order to show my audience that my experience taught me a lesson and was something to look forward to in the future in case something like that happened to me again. My ad analysis had a very serious and sad tone. It was a wake-up call to anyone well mainly targeted to smoking parents what can happen to their child if they continue to smoke.

Genre: The genre for my literacy narrative was very informal because it told a story about my past. When you tell a story to an audience about your life it's suppose to be told in the way you talk not given in a speech. And as for my ad analysis the genre was formal because it was informing the audience in a professional manner.

Similar: Both papers have a purpose, tone, genre and audience.

Difference between papers:The different rhetorical situations between these two papers will strongly affect the way I write my papers because I'm telling my story for my narrative so its based on what I want it to target. As for my ad anaysis it is written from my point on what i feel like the ad people are trying to show. For example if i wrote my narrative essay more like a speech then telling a story it will change everything about it like the audience and tone of it. Same goes for my ad analysis. 

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